• Natural healing for you

    Four Winds Reiki is dedicated to promoting personal growth and transformation through the healing art of Reiki and the wisdom of the horse.

    We offer a range of courses and retreats that have been specifically designed to give you the unique opportunity to learn how to improve your own and your horse's health and wellbeing, as well as deepen your relationship, build trust and enhance your spiritual connection with your horse, through the beautiful healing art of Reiki.

  • ...and your horse

    Our courses are inspirational and life changing, offering a powerful blend of traditional Japanese Reiki, Equine Reiki and holistic horsemanship, resulting in a transformational healing journey with horses that is unique to the individual.

    Our aim is simple - for you to enjoy happier, healthier living, better communication and a closer bond with your horse as a result of learning how to reconnect with your inner self and the natural world through the practise of Reiki.

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  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Deepen your relationship, build trust and enhance your spiritual connection with your horse
  • Reiki promotes deep relaxation
  • Horses love Reiki
  • Reiki relaxes and eases pre- competition stress
  • Reiki speeds recovery from illness or injury

  • Courses and Retreats 

    Our courses are highly recommended for all horse lovers or equine professionals who are interested in learning how to heal horses and deepen their relationship with their horse.   More »

  • About Julie Abrahams

    Julie Abrahams has been practicing Reiki since 1996 with a special interest in promoting harmony, health and wellbeing for horses and their human companions.   More »

  • Reiki for Horse and Rider

    Julie provides a mobile service for horses and their human companions throughout the Mid North Coast, Hunter Valley and Central Coast Regions.   More »

The many benefits of Reiki for horse and rider

Reiki is highly beneficial for enhancing relaxation and reducing stress, as well as improving flexibility and balance for both horse and rider. It can be utilised as a treatment for a wide range of health conditions as well as behavioural and performance issues. Reiki helps speed recovery after illness or injury and can also provide pain relief as well as easing depression.

As a form of energetic healing, Reiki promotes health and well being on all levels and has been successfully utilised throughout the world as a healing support for a wide range of health conditions and can also reduce stress and the effects of many stress related illnesses.

As a complementary therapy it will safely support all other healing modalities including Western medicine without interfering with any drugs or treatments you or your horse may be currently taking.

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Learn how to heal horses with Reiki

Equine Reiki Courses are open to all horse lovers and Equine professionals who would like to learn how to heal horses with Reiki.
This lovely modality can be easily learned and is highly beneficial for assisting both humans and horses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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