Request Distance Healing

Are you feeling sick, emotionally drained, or constantly tired? Are you unable to attend an appointment in person for any reason? Are you or your horse in need of help now?

Distance healing offers the perfect solution.

Because Reiki energy is not limited by time or distance, distance healing may be offered without you or your horse being present. This means you don't have to be in the same room, city or even country to receive a Reiki treatment from a practitioner. Distance healing can be just as powerful as if you are in the same room as the practitioner receiving a hands on treatment.

This is particularly useful for people in hospital about to undergo surgery, people who are bedridden, or unable to attend for a personal 'hands on' treatment for any reason. Healing can be sent to assist you or your horse recover from a wide range of health or emotional issues.

How to book distance healing 

Select either a single distance healing or a course of three distance healings from the Paypal buttons, which will take you through to the payment area.

After you've booked your distance healing I will email you to arrange a suitable time for healing to be sent. I will also ask you to send me a photo of yourself or your horse, if possible.

When is healing sent? 

Healing is arranged at a designated time, preferably when you or your horse are resting. If you've arranged a course of treatments, healing will be arranged at the same time each day until your course has been completed. To get the most out of your healing it's recommended you set aside 30 minutes so you can relax during the healing.

How long are distance healings? 

Each treatment is 30 minutes.

distance healing

Single distance healing treatment - $40

Course of 3 distance healing treatments - $120