Reiki for Horse and Rider

Are you wanting a deeper, more spiritual connection with your horse? Would you like more balance and harmony in your relationship? Do you see others enjoying the kind of relationship you dream of having with your horse?

Reiki can be useful for many different situations, for example, it can help to ease pre- competition stress for both you and your horse. The calming effects of Reiki can improve communication between you and your horse, by helping you to become more grounded and focused, which leads to clearer communication from you, and better responses from your horse. Treatments can even help relax horses who are nervous about loading or travelling.

Reiki is also an excellent aid for horses that are highly-strung and excitable when ridden. Treatments can make a difference by helping to calm your horse, making riding more enjoyable and less of a challenge.

Reiki is very useful for calming nerves in new riders, and even in experienced riders who may also feel a little nervous at times, for example when riding a new horse and feeling unsure of how the horse will react to new situations – Reiki can be highly beneficial for calming both you and your horse in these situations..

Restoring confidence 

Reiki can help to restore your confidence after a fall or bad experience.  It can help to settle your nerves and create a more relaxed state of mind and body which in turn transfers to your horse.  When we are fearful we can give off conflicting signals which is where the horse can become confused. An example may be if you were bucked off and left feeling nervous and fearful that it could happen again, although at the same time trying to convince yourself you are feeling confident. Your body will be giving off little telltale signs of nervousness that your horse will pick up on which  in turn can cause undesirable behaviour in your horse because of his confusion or frustration in not knowing what you are wanting.

The more confident and balanced you are emotionally, the more confident and relaxed your horse will be.

The importance of clear communication 

Our thoughts, words and intentions each carry a vibrational energy, which can affect horses in a negative or positive way according to how we are feeling at that time.  Horses receive communication from us energetically, so how we are feeling will have an influence on our energy and the way in which our horse interprets it. If we are feeling angry, stressed or negative  we will not be so comfortable to be around and our horse may not feel so willing to work with us or be around us.

Reiki promotes a sense of calm and well being and can help to restore balance and harmony within. When we are feeling positive and relaxed we make ourselves far more approachable and comfortable for our horse to be around.

How your physical health affects your horse

The way a horse moves could very well be down to a rider’s physical condition rather than a reflection of the rider’s ability. 

Horses are very sensitive to their rider’s physical pain and discomfort and can develop similar imbalances and strain patterns as a result of their rider’s altered riding ability. For example, if you are suffering from back pain you may not be able to move with as much flexibility as you did before the back pain started. Your stiff and painful movements will be felt by your horse and in turn alter the way he moves. Reiki can alleviate your painful symptoms and assist healing. When you improve your own state of health you will also see an improvement in your horse’s performance.

How Reiki treatments can benefit you and your horse

Combined treatments are ideal for releasing stress and tension prior to competition, promoting deep calm and relaxation (useful for post competition recovery), for grounding and centering, to aid mental focus and for enhancing a sense of general well being.

Treatments can be very bonding for you and your horse, they can help you connect on a deeper, more spiritual level and are often used when a rider would like to develop clearer communication with his or her horse.

When you feel more relaxed, balanced and focused, your horse will too.

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I offer a mobile service for horses and their human companions throughout the Mid North Coast, Hunter Valley and Central Coast Regions. Treatments plans are tailored to suit individual needs.

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I offer distance healing for humans and horses all over the world.

Healing can be sent to assist you or your horse recover from health or emotional issues, ease pain, as well as reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

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