What Chandra Armstrong says

Equine Reiki has been for me a life changing experience, hard to articulate the actual emotions and beauty of this new way of being. How do you describe love? The beauty of a sunset...it is something you feel and experience.

I attended this workshop with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect or experience. What originally made me make this decision? It was a calling, as if I was being guided. I have always been a seeker of all that is magical and loving, never quiet understanding how to stay on this path or the tools to assist me in quietening my mind.

Julie is the conduit for this magical experience; her workshop has changed my life.

How? Initially Julie's beautiful energy wraps around you right from the first contact, the journey from then on has been one of continual spiritual growth. My life is so much richer for doing this course. The clarity and depth of this journey will forever change the flow of my life.

My desire is to be the best version of myself - to love with an open heart. Through the workshop I learned that this has to start with oneself. Reiki has shown me that the source of life is unlimited, that love is a wonderful healing process.

The changes to my life from this workshop are ongoing - I feel more at peace with my feminine Goddess. My authentic self finally coming out and shining! Now is the time to truly live and create the life I so desire. To live a life of love, strength, compassion and being true to myself.

My equine partner Juno showed me what it felt like to be touched by pure divine unconditional love. This beautiful horse touched my soul and embraced my heart, she demonstrated what unconditional love is - the purity of this feeling has given me the courage, self-love and unquestionable faith that you can create the life that you desire.

I want to Dream Big, I want to serve with a purposeful heart, I want to be a woman who inspires and encourages others to be the best version of themselves, I want to be that woman who embraces Reiki as a way of being and to live the precepts.

I recommend that anyone who has the desire to live an extraordinary life - a life where love is your strength, then please contact Julie and let her gifts assist you to unlock the door to untold beauty.

Love & hugs

Chandra Armstrong

What Maya Knight says

What a pleasure it is for me to tell you about Julie and the course I was destined to do with her... 'Heal Your Self, Heal Your Horse'.

Let me tell you a bit about me first though so you get a true understanding of what a true gift Julie has, gives and is.

Being a Psychic Palmist, I have been in contact with many people who aspire to the 'spiritual path' and there are only a handful that truly possess, are and radiate peace, love and unconditional acceptance. After getting to know Julie, let me tell you - she is one of these rare people.

I am married to Trevor Knight - probably one of the best Endurance riders and Natural Horse Trainers around and I have seen him work 'pure magic'.

When Julie invited me to do her course, I told her that I had done Reiki 1 several years ago and hadn't been that impressed and also, I had no aspiration to work with other people's horses. So imagine my surprise when I said...'I'll do it!' (Sometimes our higher self knows what we need more than we do).

I did make one stipulation though - you see I'm not a real 'horsey' person (in fact I get quite frightened around other people's horses), so I told her that I only wanted to do the first 2 days which included Shoden only.

I then received my 'Welcome Email' with the Course Information. Let me tell you, that impressed me! It was so professional, so comprehensive, yet easy to read and personal. It both enthused and prepared me. The course outline accompanying it gave a great outline that in retrospect was a true indicator of the course.

On the first day, the surroundings took my breath away. Thank you Julie for teaching us how to 'breathe'... inspiration and expiration has taken on a new meaning for me since then.

During the course, I felt like the five of us were on a journey together. We saw and shared so much of ourselves, of each other as well as the World around us and although there was no doubt that we were led and Julie was showing us the way, she did so in a way that was gentle, encouraging, supportive and empowering.

At the end of the two days, I felt a shift and I was kicking myself that I said I wasn't going to do the full course. I phoned Julie and discussed it with her and even though I had a commitment for day 3, she invited me to rejoin the group for the fourth day.

This was when the real magic happened. I couldn't believe the 'power of positive thought, intention and energy'. What I witnessed is indescribable. I saw horses responding and behaving in ways I would never have believed possible and I am going back to do the full course when it is next on offer.


Email: maya.palmist@gmail.com